Courses for children

“Laughter and learning are the main ingredients!”

IPPA Children is a comprehensive educational programme for children and youngsters. This programme combines theory with a practical part, enabling the children to make a number of pastry products themselves. This makes learning fun.

We have found that if we offer fun and an entertaining experience on our courses, our students master the theoretical part much better and get more involved in all the activities.

The fact that the students prepare the products themselves means that they can retain this knowledge for much longer and are able to use it in the future.

They learn as they play, and that’s a win!

Macarons - French dessert

Do you want to learn how to make macarons as delicious as those in Paris? Come and try with us. Small, colourful, crunchy at first glance, yet soft and moist inside? All that can be achieved with only three ingredients.

Czech traditional cakes

Did you know that sweet rolls and cakes used to be served for lunch as the main course after soup?

With us, you will learn how to make traditional cakes, which have two forms and which are different in the way of decorating, and then the Wallachian frgál, for which one filling is typical for one cake.

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Red Velvet and cupcake

Would you care for a piece of red fluffy cake? Come and bake your own Red Velvet. When playing with colours, you will even experience a bit of magic and alchemy.
Do you want to learn how to bake a cupcake, which is characterized by its preparation in a small paper cup and rich decoration? By combining dough and cream, you can create a small work of art full of limitless flavours and colours that no one can resist.

French confectionary

Profiterole, croquembouche and cream éclairs – this is not a course in French, but we are inviting you to a baking course where you will learn how to work with French choux pastry. The fluffy shapes of different sizes will surprise you not only with their simplicity.


Do you also like to try new recipes, new tastes in the kitchen and want to try something really simple ?
So come to teach you muffins – orange with cardamom, pear – coconut with chocolate and leaf dough muffins.
Simply… These great muffins will catch you after the first tasting and then will not let you go.

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Chocolate figurines

Can you eat an elephant or a giraffe? Yes, you can! At the academy, we will convince you of that. In addition, we will teach you how to work with a chocolate mould, pour delicious chocolate into it, and create beautiful chocolate figurines and animals.

Chocolate mousse

Do you love chocolate?
If so, it is the right time for you to come and learn how to make the finest and most delicious French chocolate cream in the entire world. You will become a little confectioner and, at the same time, a gardener … let it be a surprise!

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Cake pop - lollipop

With us, you will soon be able to bake even a lollipop!
You will definitely have plenty of fun when making baked lollipops. Fantasy has no limits, and you can decorate them a thousand different ways. After you learn to make them, you can be sure that no birthday party will ever be complete without your lollipops.

Verrine - extraordinary dessert in glass

Do you want to make your mum happy and prepare a refreshing luxury snack for her? We will teach you how to make a quick, delicious and extraordinary cream dessert in a glass. You can choose fruits, nuts, biscuits, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings to your liking. You then just have to hand a spoon to your mum and wish her bon appetit.

(CZ) Valentýnský dort

(CZ) Láska prochází žaludkem. Nezapomeň na to ani den před Valentýnem, a proto si přijď k nám připravit ten nejsladší dáreček v podobě lahodného malinového dortu.

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(CZ) Valentýnské minidezerty

(CZ) Verrine, čokopralinky, dezerty z křehkého těsta…. Svatý Valentýn – svátek všech zamilovaných. A ty můžeš právě dnes zazářit skvělým, sladkým a zamilovaným dárkem. Připravíš si malinový dezert do skleničky (Verrine) ve tvaru srdce, čokoládové pralinky (srdíčka) a „zamilované“ dezerty z křehkého těsta.

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American cheesecake

Do you wish to travel to America for an afternoon?
Thanks to the American pie with delicious cream from the fresh Philadelphia cheese, your wish will definitely come true. And you can choose the citrus flavour, which they love in Florida, or the strawberry flavour, which is a favourite in New York. Bon voyage!

Butter biscuits

Do you know what a biscuit mould or stamp looks like? Would you like to make a hippopotamus or a bear? Or perhaps a heart and a flower?
Come and choose one of our stamps, and will then learn how to bake delicate butter biscuits with a variety of fragrances, shapes and flavours.

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Pancake cake with fruit

There is no better choice for breakfast and snacks than pancakes …
Do you love pancakes? We will definitely not hold back on pancakes, and we will stack them into a full-fledged cake! And you can choose the filling you like best. Is it cottage cheese or perhaps chocolate?

(CZ) Minibábovky

(CZ) Bábovka je hit. Mísí se v ní trocha nostalgie, snadná příprava, lahodná chuť a neodolatelná vůně. Ať je velká nebo jen minibábovka.

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(CZ) V hlavní roli tvaroh

(CZ) Rychlé a vynikající dva dezerty – tvarohový koláč s malinovou omáčkou a tvarohová bábovka s levandulí. Zdravé, svěží a voňavé. A navíc prý vydrží i několik dní vláčné.

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Brownies and carrot cake

Did you know that confectioners sometimes use vegetables? Are you not sure about it? Come and try an irresistible dessert made with beetroot and carrots. Even vitamins can taste great.

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