Brunch 02.02.2020

With: (CZ) Tým Ivety Fabešové
Start: 02. 02. 2020 - 10:30
End: 02. 02. 2020 - 15:30
Language: Čj (Translation: Yes )
Type: Etiquette
Price: € 100


One Sunday out of the month, in the beautiful area of IPPA, we have prepared for you an exciting Brunch. Join us for some of the best champagne, various specialties and enjoy the end of your week. The Brunch is from 10:30 – 14:30 and is partly buffet and partly a la carte.

A la carte menu is made up of three categories that you get to choose from. The buffet consists of a salat bar, fresh bar, and a bakery. You have unlimited amount of coffee, tea, and non alcoholic drinks.

You can also take a look in our champagne & wine bar for a glass of your favorite drink.

Complete menu is emailed to the guests one week in advance.

Children till 2 years of age are free.

With: (CZ) Tým Ivety Fabešové

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