Emmanuel Ryon

With: Emmanuel Ryon
Start: 09. 04. 2019 - 9:00
End: 11. 04. 2019 - 17:00
Language: EN (Translation: Yes )
Type: Professionals
Price: € 480 - € 596


Demonstrative course.

You can ask questions during the course.


On the course Emmanuel Ryon will prepare ice cream desserts:

  • Entremets glacer le sud
  • Lexquis
  • Entremets glacer chocolat citron vert
  • Le Tanzanie Emmanuel Ryon
  • Coeur des iles e Ryon
  • Cheesecake glacé
  • Verrine pop’art Emmanuel Ryon
  • Vacherin arlequin e Ryon


On the course you will learn:

  • how to prepare individual desserts
  • how to prepare creams and doughs that will inspire you to make your own desserts
  • how to properly decorate desserts
  • special techniques and skills from pastry chefs

On the course you will receive:

  • recipes for preparing desserts
  • hints and tips from professionals
  • welcome drink
  • drinks throughout the course
  • snacks
  • tasting prepared desserts

With: Emmanuel Ryon

Emmanuel Ryon is one of the most respected ice cream masters in the world, with 25 years of experience. He won the Meilleur Ouvrier de France title for ice cream and the Pastry World Championship in 1999. His working philosophy is well explained in his book, Apprenez l’Art de la Glace et des Sorbets (2002). He owns an ice cream shop, Une Glace à Paris. Beyond ice cream making, his versatility in other disciplines such as pastry and plated desserts is also well known, and a virtue that deepened during his time at Café Pouchkine and the creative development of desserts at the restaurants of the prestigious chef, Anne-Sophie Pic.