Gianluca Aresu

With: Gianluca Aresu
Start: 05. 11. 2018 - 9:00
End: 07. 11. 2018 - 17:00
Language: IT/EN (Translation: Yes )
Type: Professionals
Price: € 496 - € 731


Master chocolatier Gianluca Aresu specializes in creating artistic chocolate. He was trained at the Etoile Institute, working with the best chefs and cooks in the world. Today, he is a consultant, manages a bakery, and runs chocolate courses at various schools. He participates in television shows and has authored many articles.


On the course you will learn:

  • how to prepare individual desserts
  • how to prepare creams and doughs that will inspire you to make your own desserts
  • how to properly decorate desserts
  • special techniques and skills from pastry chefs

On the course you will receive:

  • recipes for preparing desserts
  • hints and tips from professionals
  • welcome drink
  • drinks throughout the course
  • snacks
  • tasting prepared desserts

With: Gianluca Aresu

Gianluca comes from a family with a long pastry tradition, his father founded the Pasticceria Piemontese in Cagliari. Therefore it was not a surprise that Gianluca chose to attend a high school of culinary arts and to pursue the pastry chef career which includes important international experiences next to the best chefs and pastry chefs in the world, moving between the United States and South America. Pastry chef, Maître chocolatier, specialized in the production of artistic chocolate, Gianluca is also the owner of the historical Pasticceria Piemontese pastry shop and Originis, brand with Pastry shop and risto-pub, both in Cagliari. In 2014 he founded the prestigious international school "Italian Chef Cooking School" in Cagliari, where he is the main teacher of the pastry classes. He has also published multiple books, writes articles for the Italian pastry magazines and conducts highly successful TV shows about pastry on the Italian TV channels.