Guillaume Mabilleau

With: Guillaume Mabilleau
Start: 12. 05. 2020 - 9:00
End: 14. 05. 2020 - 17:00
Language: FRE/ENG/CZE (Translation: Yes )
Type: Professionals
Price: € 740 - € 1 015


Demonstrative course

The course will be held in French with translation into English and Czech. During the course you can ask questions.

During the course Guillaume Mabilleau will teach you how to make:

  • Chouquette (almond/raspberry/earl grey)
  • Millefeuille (vanilla/tonka)
  • Noisette (hazelnut)
  • Nuage (almond/mango/vanilla)
  • Paris-Brest (hazelnut)
  • Saint Honoré (vanilla/caramel)
  • Sous Bois (cocoa/chocolate/blackberry and blackcurrant/gianduja and vanilla)
  • Tahiti (almond/vanilla)
  • Wedding Cake Du Moment

During the course you will learn:

  • how to prepare individual desserts
  • how to prepare creams and doughs that will inspire you to make your own desserts
  • how to properly decorate desserts
  • special techniques and skills from the pastry chef

During the course you will receive:

  • recipes for preparing the desserts
  • hints and tips from professionals
  • drinks during the course
  • snacks
  • certificate
  • tasting the desserts prepared


With: Guillaume Mabilleau

Guillaume Mabilleau discovered his passion for pastry by chance, at just 15 years of age, during a summer internship at a small pastry workshop a couple of hours from La Rochelle. The pastry fits perfectly with his mild and balanced nature, with his precision and his meticulousness, qualities that he continues to refine. In 2011, at just 28 years, he won the prestigious title of MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). In addition to teaching at a few selected schools around the world, MOF Guillaume Mabilleau is above all a successful entrepreneur. In 2012, together with his colleague and friend Jean-Baptiste Robin, he founded the company "Nuances Gourmandes" in La Rochelle. After an initial generalized production, Guillaume and Jean-Baptiste chose to specialize in the exclusive production of Macarons, which are shipped all over the world to all types of customers. Guillaume Mabilleau's patisserie is a continuous work of perfecting and simplifying rules and techniques, with the ultimate goal of making it accessible to everyone. This is why he represents a true source of inspiration for those who have chosen this field as a profession.