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We have managed to attract the best ones in their field to the heart of Europe. Our academy offers you the chance to see the best hands at work. The leaders in their field, who use their Masterclass to pass on their experience and teach you something of their craft, whether you’re interested in chocolate, pastry or ice cream. Choose one of the courses listed below or register online.

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Jimmy Mornet

In 2013 he won the title of European champion in the pastry. In order to bring his products to perfection, Jimmy is inspired by the contrast of colors, flavors and textures. He brings modern elements into the classic French pastry, he prefers taste and aesthetics. He has a sense of detail, he’s trying to discover something new and always surprise. The product must be always perfect. He excels with his great technique and creativity.

Joakim Prat

Joakim’s story is impressive. He was born and raised near Biarritz, in the Basque country  in South West of France. He fell in love with the pastry world at the age of 15 and was by the age of 29 already Head Pastry Chef of 9 michelin stars. Before starting his Maitre Choux project, he was head pastry chef at the 2 Michelin starred restaurant The Greenhouse in London. His first working position in London was at the 2 Michelin-starred L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon where he has been executive pastry chef for two years. Before that he was working in Spain as Head Pastry chef in the 3 Michelin starred restaurant Can Fabes, as well as 1 Michelin starred Sauc and 1 Michelin starred Hofmann restaurant in Barcelona. Besides that we need to mention that Joakim won the gold medal for UK Best Dessert of the Year 2014 and was awarded as UK Rising Talent at UK Pastry Open World Cup 2013, both in London. Quite an impressive resume for such a young guy!  

David Vidal

David studied in Malta at the Institute of Tourism Studies and later was taught by some great teachers. He then set out to be a master chef. His first love was Mediterranean and Sicilian cuisine. Cooking up amazing meals with fine olive oil and fresh basil was his tour de force. His education and job search led him to London where he honed his skills cooking in hotels and restaurants throughout Europe. It was at one of the gigs where he met his future wife, a fellow chef from the very cold but beautiful Sweden. As it happens, in her home town there is a famous hotel with a superb kitchen and it was there that they settled with David as a sous chef.

Gianluca Aresu

Gianluca comes from a family with a long pastry tradition, his father founded the Pasticceria Piemontese in Cagliari. Therefore it was not a surprise that Gianluca chose to attend a high school of culinary arts and to pursue the pastry chef career which includes important international experiences next to the best chefs and pastry chefs in the world, moving between the United States and South America. Pastry chef, Maître chocolatier, specialized in the production of artistic chocolate, Gianluca is also the owner of the historical Pasticceria Piemontese pastry shop and Originis, brand with Pastry shop and risto-pub, both in Cagliari. In 2014 he founded the prestigious international school "Italian Chef Cooking School" in Cagliari, where he is the main teacher of the pastry classes. He has also published multiple books, writes articles for the Italian pastry magazines and conducts highly successful TV shows about pastry on the Italian TV channels.

Johann Martin

Johann Martin started his career in Paris at Maison Debieux, after which he worked alongside the legendary Chef Stéphane Glacier, MOF Patissier as a pastry consultant. In 2006 he was an assistant for the victorious French world cup team in Phoenix, then, one year later, he was the runner-up at the Artistic Sugar Competition in Lyon. In 2012 Martin published his first pastry book, "Top Dessert," and in 2013 he won the silver medal in the Sugar Showpiece and Entremets category when competing for a spot in the French selection team. He worked at a number of prestigious pastry and chocolate shops in France and he is currently teaching at Bellouet Conseil in Paris while continuing to travel the globe for workshops and demonstrations.

Frank Haasnoot

Frank Haasnoot is a Dutch pastry chef with 23 years of experience in chocolate and pastry making. In his career he has worked at companies such as La Tulipe Desserts in New York, Creme de la Creme and Dobla in Holland. He won the World Chocolate Masters in 2011. Frank has worked abroad at The Victorian in Kuwait, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taiwan and the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. In mid-2017 Frank decided to relocate back to Europe and launch his freelance career.

Miquel Guarro

Passionate about the trade, he trained at the Pastry Guild School in Barcelona, combining his studies with work at the Targarona Pastry Shop and later at Bubó, a Barcelona bakery. He was lucky to work a short but intense season in France in the team of the prestigious Pastry Frank Fresson in Metz. For 3 years, he was the pastry chef of the Dos Cielos Restaurant in Barcelona with 2 Michelin stars, where he began to look for his own way in the sweet world. Miquel Guarro is the winner of the youngest Lluís Santapau Trophy in history, a prize that is recognized as Best Master Chocolatero 2013. In addition, he was also the winner of the gold trophy in the chocolate figure contest of the Gremi de Barcelona. He also works as a Jury member of the television contest 'Bake off', where he is looking for the best amater baker in the country. In 2019 he started a new adventure as pastry director at the prestigious Hofmann School in Barcelona, where he was responsible for coordinating the operation and creation of new products in all the places of the group.  

Olivier Magne

Olivier was born into a family of bakers in a small French town Aurillac, therefore it is not a surprise that he decided to follow the baker’s path too. During his career he worked for many years as a teacher at the National Institute of Baking and Pastry (l’Institut national de la boulangerie-pâtisserie/INBP). In 2015 he received the renowned award of Meilleur Ouvrier de France which completely changed his life - since then he has been traveling around the world, passing on his baking know-how during the courses. Currently he is also running the Farine & O bakery in Paris in the 9th and 11th district where he is making the bread based exclusively on the natural sourdough and long fermentation (up to 72 hours for some types of dough).

Richard Hawke

Former international teacher at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie (Ecole Alain Ducasse Education), Richard Hawke, an Australian with a passion for pastry, is always searching for new techniques and recipes to create masterpieces. Richard has worked for some years in France, learning from the experts, and now travels to many countries, sharing his expertise and knowledge in master classes in allergenic pastry. In his travels, Richard continually looks for new flavours, techniques and opportunities to further his knowledge. His willingness to try new products and techniques enable him to offer the latest and most interesting possibilities in his unique master classes.

Nina Tarasova

Nina graduated with a distinguished diploma from the Higher Culinary school Alain Ducasse in the city Yssingeaux ENSP (Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Patisserie). Since then, she has been intentional to continuously improve her skills and further her education. She returns to Europe annually to undergo training in some of the most prestigious pastry schools. With more than 7 years of experience in the culinary sphere, Nina works in Russia and abroad conducting master classes and consulting for pastry shops and restaurants. She represents Russia annually at various International Gastronomy festivals and forums - Les Stars de Mougins in France; the forum Gastronomic Barcelona (Spain), Bakery Conference in Munich (Germany); the Turkish National Culinary Festival (Turkey).

Gregory Doyen

Gregory was born into an artistic family in the French countryside of Brionnais, Burgundy and experienced the magic of pastry early in his childhood when the family kitchen became his favorite place. When he turned 18 he started to study pastry in Dijon. From there his continuous studies developed into a journey around the world. The experiences of different cultures and his restless interest for innovation make him evaluate his skills everyday to achieve perfection. According to Gregory, pastry should be healthy and elegant, a natural flavor is key for a pleasant experience.