Jordi Bordas

Jordi Bordas is a pastry chef who is revolutionizing the pastry field. After becoming the World Pastry Champion at Sirha – Lyon in 2011, Jordi Bordas started to investigate and develop new recipes. This intense work led him to present the B·Concept, his own method to create from scratch healthier, lighter and tastier recipes, at 2014 Barcelona Gastronomic Forum. In 2015, he opened a pastry school in Viladecans, a space devoted to R&D of new pastry products, as well as teaching pastry students and professionals. Thanks to his passion and his innovative view, he has developed together with Soft-Euro company the B·Pro software, designed to manage recipes and work spaces efficiently. Currently, Jordi is travelling around the world as the global ambassador of Felchlin, a company which produces chocolate, and Ravifruit, which produces fruit purees. In the courses and demonstrations that he gives, the participants learn how to use these high-quality ingredients through B·Concept method.

Open courses