Stáňa Mutlová, PunkRockCakes

Stáňa Mutlová is an element that does things in its own way and literally bakes the convention. But life loves surprises and contrasts. It happened by exchanging a promising online market career for passion into everything around cakes and sweets. Probably because people fell in love with her baking. In a moment he will be released from Remoska in a small kitchen to his own PunkRockCakes studio. Hell and bake unique wedding cakes, delicious cupcakes and luxurious sweet compositions. Useful information at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival prepares a sweet bar for a festive evening. The exclusive Sweet Bars book of sweets based on the latest trends in the modern world of pastry products is now being prepared by exclusive and thematic work for weddings and special events where the artwork is.

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