IPPA team

Iveta Fabešová

Pastry chef and owner IF Café and International Prague Pastry Academy

After participating in the Master Chef competition, she opened her own confectioner’s where she began producing confectionery products for local cafés. She opened her first own confectioner’s shop, IF Café, in 2012, resulting in enormous interest in both quality confectioner’s products and how the products are actually produced. Hence, in a different confectioner’s shop, she created a glazed production facility that forms the heart of the premises and provides customers with the chance to view the whole production process. She has transformed a small, family confectioner’s shop into the IF Café concept, which is recognised nationwide and which displays the confectioner’s art at the highest level. There are currently four branches in the centre of Prague. She is always educating herself and takes Master Class courses abroad – this was the inspiration for the idea to create the International Prague Pastry Academy. She presents her own courses at the academy, enthusiastically passing on her knowledge and experience to others.

Jan Ševěček

Owner IF Café and International Prague Pastry Academy

Karolína Svobodová

Pastry chef IF Café and International Prague Pastry Academy

Karolína was baking the birthday cakes since the age of 18. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to take part in a requalification pastry course at the age of 20. This helped her get a job as a confectioner where she was making mostly the custom made cakes. Thanks to the experience acquired she started to work at the IF Café pastry shop. Here together with her team she is preparing the desserts for all the IF Cafés. Karolína also takes part in all the professional courses where she is the right hand of the pastry chefs.

Vladyslav Ryasnyy

Pastry chef

Vladyslav was born in September 1998 in Ukraine, he has been living in Prague since the age of three. He graduated from the secondary school of gastronomy in Braník, Prague. He was awarded the Young Craftsman Award from the Senate, winning the Callebaut Cup in 2015. He is a member of the Junior National Team of the Association of Chefs and Confectioners. In 2018 he won the 1st place in the Gastro Junior finals in Brno, the best junior confectioner in the Czech Republic and was awarded the Czech Hand 2018 – confectioner. All his free time is devoted to desserts and the creation of new recipes.

Agáta Křížová

Coordinator of kids courses

Agáta completed the courses under the supervision of Iveta Fabešová and her team whilst gathering the valuable knowledge and experience which she is now passing on to the small pastry enthusiasts during the courses she is leading at the International Prague Pastry Academy. In her free time she is enhancing her pastry knowledge and children’s understanding of the world.